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San Diego Seo Expert

If you’re looking for a San Diego SEO expert who can help your web pages climb high in the SERPs, then you’re in the right place now! Mach 4 Marketing specializes in search engine marketing, using PPC and SEO to help our clients get ranked by the search engines. Let us briefly explain how both of these search marketing services can help you.

What is the Difference Between PPC and SEO?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a service provided by Google. Google allows website owners to pay for ad placement in the search engines. The way it works is simple. You set an advertising budget, which could be $5 per day, $10 per day, $20 per day, etc. The larger your budget, the more visibility you will gain. When someone clicks on your link, an agreed-upon dollar amount will be deducted from your budget. The biggest difference between PPC and SEO is that you have to pay for PPC. “Then,” you may wonder, “Why pay for PPC when SEO is free?”

Let’s say you own a painting company in San Diego. By performing keyword research, we can find low-competition buyer keywords that people in your niche, industry, and marketplace are actively searching for. This way, they will find your web pages, which ideally are optimized to convert clicks into buyers.

For example, you may want to rank for keywords such as the following:

  • Best Painter in San Diego
  • San Diego Painter Reviews
  • Low-Cost Painting Services
  • Affordable Painting Company San Diego

Then, when people search for these keywords or similarly related keywords, your ads will be placed at the top of the first page of Google’s SERPs. This form search engine marketing leads to instant results, and as long as you keep your campaigns alive, you will continue to gain traffic and make more sales.

Understanding SEO

Whereas PPC gets your pages ranked from paid advertisements, SEO can get your pages ranked organically. SEO is a series of steps and processes that gets your website’s content boosted to the top of the SERPs.

When used together, PPC and SEO can be very powerful for your business. The immediate traffic that comes from PPC and the lasting traffic that comes from SEO provides a steady stream of leads to your website. Whether you sell products, services, or affiliate goods, search engine marketing can be invaluable to your business! That is why 91% of all online business say that search engine marketing is the number one lead generation stream that they have.

Consult with a San Diego SEO Expert Today

Although SEO is a highly technical field of expertise, it does not have to be complicated. The reason why most people choose to outsource their SEO and PPC to companies like Mach 4 Marketing is that the individual steps and processes of SEO are extremely time-consuming. Further, there is a very sharp learning curve involved with SEO. Even if you could perform your own SEO tasks, you’d be better outsourcing to an SEO expert in San Diego.

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