What Is Instagram Influencer Marketing

What Is Instagram Influencer Marketing

What is Instagram influencer marketing?

Over time, social media sites like Instagram have grown to accompany a number of people who claim to be influencers due to their large following and other factors. It gets a little confusing to people due to the term large being relative in all sense of the word. But regardless, some select few actually give justification to that term and this article is centered on addressing what it actually means to be an Instagram influencer.

So what is an influencer on Instagram?

An influencer on Instagram is an individual who’s known on the platform to be an individual of a large following of individuals who share opinions on different topics. They are also a dependable source for content on a particular topic or in some rare situation’s multiple contents.

There is often the idea that Instagram influencers need to have a large group of followers for them to be branded as such but that isn’t necessarily true, there are numerous influencers with follower counts in the hundreds of thousands of region who are actually influencers and operate as such.

Why is an influencer effective in marketing?

Now that you understand what an influencer is then begs the question, what use do influencers have in marketing? Well, it’s pretty direct, they have a large audience and you as a business person need to tap into that pool to make sales which is where they come in. Influencers can give the impression that your product is great to their audience and that should convert into sales if the influencer in question actually did their work properly.

How do you start as an influencer on Instagram?

The journey to becoming an influencer isn’t as direct and simple as most think, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work. The journey begins with you picking a niche, why you might wonder, well for one you can’t be popular for everything, so its best you pick a niche and stick with it. On picking a niche, you can then get an Instagram business account that would better position you to observe your audience. Then you create an effective Bio, create captions, choose the right hashtags for posts, post content consistently, interact with your followers and then start reaching out to brands. Influencers are usually classified into groups, namely; Nano-influencers (less than 10,000 followers), Micro-influencers (10,000 – 100,000 followers), and Macro-influencers (100,000 – 1 million followers).

Micro-influencers are often the best option to go with when making the choice on the influencer to go with. Why?

  1. They deliver great ROIs for brands due to their strong relationships with their brands.
  2. Their audience is more niche-oriented and focused on a particular insight.
  3. They often offer an equilibrium balance between engagement and audience reach.
  4. Their prices are relatively fair considering their reach.
  5. They are more interactive with their community.

Micro-influencers offer that much-needed engagement that marketers of eCommerce stores need. Purchasing decisions often hinge on the trust and close relationship influencers have with their audience and with micro-influencers offer that much-needed interaction and close relationship, you are more than likely to see a hike in purchase when the campaign is carried out.

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What Is Instagram Influencer Marketing